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 LEARN HOW TO MAKE WORDS AND PICTURES IN HARD CANDY! No experience needed!  Live, personal 1-on-1 classes with the author of the HARD CANDY BOOK. Learn the recipes, equipment and techniques to make hard candy. This unique and delicious product is used for personalised gifts, wedding favours, corporate promotions, retail, wholesale, street markets, custom orders, parties and more! Kaptonhook Candysmith has over 20 years experience in making and teaching candy making with clients all over the world, from Singapore to Saudi Arabia. The classes are divided into small weekly sessions of around 2-3 hours each. You will prepare the equipment and ingredients with our guidance. We then begin our classes - live via webcam, we will tailor the classes to suit you. No rush - No pressure. Work at your own pace. For more information about candy making classes please contact We look forward to helping make your dreams a reality! When covid travel restrictions are eased we will be

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